2018 – The Time for New Time

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One year.
A pattern in time.
Defined by the idea of our planet circling the sun.
An idea rooted in logic. Reaffirmed by observation.

If now is the first day of 2018. What will we call this same day, a year later?
Will it be ‘now’ but then? or the first day of 2019? Which one is it? Both perhaps?
What makes 365 days later any different then now?
Time is funny. It tricks us into believing it’s real.
And when faced with reality, we are addicted in identifying what’s true.
What is the truth?
Now? 2018? Both? Neither?

The questions are endless.
The ‘time‘ requirement to process all the answers, absurd – at least based on the definition of we’ve given to time.
A linear process based within a preconceived notion rooted in language.

But what happens when we take away our limited conception of time?
What are we left with beyond our attempt to define it?
What is the truth if there was no truth to it?

What if we took the notion of 365 days a year and condensed it into 24 hours.
Maybe not the physical experience per se, but perhaps the emotional association? The feeling of a year channeled through you in a day? In a minute? A breath?
What more could you learn? What more could you do? Who could you be? Now? Later? Never?

My friends, it’s time for us to dive deeper than we’ve gone before.
As the world expands at an ever-increasing speed, we are destined to reach a point where running to keep up will no longer allow us to.
We must learn what’s beyond the conventional definitions we’ve given to time.
Explore ways to maximize our experiential expansion, while playing within the current definitions of time.
Excelling beyond what’s become repetitive… familiar… expected.

In our dive, we will feel suffocated by the pressures from the information we encounter.
We will feel like we’re choking. Suffocating.
But truly I tell you, we are simply finding our new breath.
One that keeps us here, yet takes us beyond.

If we stick together.
Share our insights.
Evolve on each other’s work.
Challenge our mind.
Work through the old.
Think anew.

We will get there.
All of us.

Only to look back and think but one thought – Once upon a time…


Photo by Uroš Jovičić on Unsplash



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