Dancing Through the Darkness

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Yesterday evening I broke.

Feeling incredibly ‘weighted’ by the afternoon, I tried everything to shake it off.
I meditated, went into my fears, contributed to others, but still to no avail.

Finally, I pulled out my whiteboard and wrote in big letters – MY LIFE SUCKS. 

I began to list down all the reasons that I was feeling like shit.
I stared at it. Welled up with tears. And decided that I was going to spend the rest of the night with in this feeling of darkness. Actually, I even decided to watch the horror movie Jigsaw to really keep me there.

Now if you’re into the whole positive psychology movement, there’s a good chance you might be panicking to find the ‘close window’ button on this browser tab. And even you’re not into that, you still might be thinking it’s a very counter-intuitive thing to do since it puts a lot of focus on the negative and what you don’t want.

However, allow me to explain.

My last post talked about how we often focus too much on what we don’t want in our lives, and thus attract it.

However, this post is going to do the opposite – and talk about how we also fall into the trap of not focusing on it enough.

I’ve been workshops where people define the Universe/subconscious mind as a ‘child’ that doesn’t really know any better than to give you what you focus on. What I’ve come to learn though, is while it’s true our subconscious mind does reflect back to us the thoughts we energize the most, it’s also not stupid. And what a relief that is.

What I’m getting at is that the Universe/subconscious mind doesn’t operate just solely on what you consciously focus on in any given moment, it also integrates the energy from thoughts and emotions from the past that were ignored and suppressed.

The implications of this is that if you feel really heavy and weighed down, trying to pretend that everything is kosher and ‘happy thoughts’ is actually one of the worst things you can do. Why? It continues to suppress the past emotions and when you never give ‘light’ to that ‘darkness’ it continues to haunt and creep up on you.

So the key to coming back to balance is to well… as I like to call it… learn to dance through the darkness.

You need to be willing to allow dark emotions to come into your consciousness so that you can trigger the feelings you need to work through in order for the energy to be released. Now it’s important to set your boundaries so you don’t fall over the ‘edge’ especially because we’ve been taught and conditioned for so long to run away or ignore pain. However, as you start to get into it you will find just how less tense and ‘lighter’ you become that you will quickly expand those boundaries in order to feel the positive effects of a negative energy release.

While VO Meditation is designed for me to help you some of these emotions and the whole process of the technology is to quickly filter through this energy via the imagination, what I learned yesterday is that sometimes more time can be required. Sometimes you just need to be there for a whole night. Sometimes the negative energy is just so raw and deep that to really ‘normalize’ the feeling requires it to be sustained over a period of time.

So next time (and every time) you feel weighed down – go into those dark emotions and trust your light is bright enough to overcome it. Grab a piece of paper and write down why life sucks; cry; punch a pillow; intentionally tense your body; and if it all feels like too much LET ME HELP via VO Meditation to clear some space so you gain the courage to get started.

We are going through a major shift and the ONLY way to keep up now is to learn to dance through the dark. It’s easy to feel and express pleasure, but a heck of a lot harder to do it with pain. However, our very resistance to it is what keeps what we want in life away. For us to manifest as we were designed to, we need to learn to ‘be’ within the dualistic energy of our given reality.

You were born for this. Let’s get to it…



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