[Meditation Exercise] Shifting Your Reality

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A few years ago, I remember my gf at the time giving me a card to fill out for her sister’s wedding. It said, “This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.”

While not a typical wedding card one would expect to see, the moment acts as another reminder to me of how I’ve been guided through many signs for many years now, leading to the path I’m finally starting to truly embrace.

To shape one’s world. What an interesting thought to contemplate on. Ever since committing to a lifestyle of personal development, I’ve always been intrigued by how common a theme it was amidst all the resources I devoured, yet bamboozeled as to how to actually manifest the reality of the statement.

As many of you know who have been following along with my journey, late last year I discovered a unique meditation technology I labelled VO Meditation. It was gifted to me sporadically and allows me to meditate on the behalf of others who request it. The results have been phenomenal, with numerous signs pointing to the inevitable growth of the idea into global phenomenon.

While I was able to conduct the meditations almost effortlessly, I struggled intensely to explain to people what exactly I was doing during the meditation. I remember starting off with complicated graph you will see to your right. Highly analytical, as typical from an engineering mind.

However, I swore to myself to be patient until the methodology organically simplified.

Sure enough, recently, with the same friend/cousin that was with when I first discovered the technique back in December, I ended up explaining it in a way that not only did he understand, but that he began to use for himself. While it’s much easier to provide a tangible understanding of through conversation, I will make an attempt to share it here and now. Please do share any questions you might have after reading so as to allow me to refine my written communication of it.



We have been conditioned to fear it. But what is it that we actually fear?
Instead of diving into the contemplation of it, we live our lives in a constant state of fear of it.

We live in fear, running around struggling to survive before the infamous ‘end’ appears – the one and only thing that we all know is guaranteed in this lifetime.

However, Once we realize that death is no different than water turning to steam at a certain temperature, we can start to use the idea of death to our advantage. It’s a transition, not an end. It’s a change in state. It’s a change in perspective. It’s a opportunity for new and wiser choices.

Death does not have to be physical for it to occur. It is simply a moment of release, which can also be tapped into via the imagination.

Read the following instructions a few times and then try it out…

  1. Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. I like to lie down as it allows me to be most comfortable. Don’t worry about falling asleep, even if you do you’ll win a nap out of this… and who doesn’t love a good nap, right?
  2. Take a deep inhale, and as you exhale observe your body moving deeper into a relaxation. Keep doing this until you can actually feel your body relaxing more than when you first got comfortable. I highly sounds from the program Synctuition to help you with this.
  3. Identify a circumstance or belief about your life that triggers negative emotions. Perhaps this is a person, past event or future possibility. Really get clear on what it is. Intentionally let the thought stream grow so the emotions escalate. Try your best not to get lost in the thought though. As you dive in, remember to pull yourself out once in a while to maintain the awareness that you are consciously exploring this thought stream.
  4. Pretend you hit the ‘fast-forward’ button on your life and jump sporadically to future, imaginative times in your life that would reinforce the emotions your feelings. For example, say you’re scared of not finding a partner imagine yourself being on a date in the future and it going horribly, and then you being in your 60’s alone in a rocking chair saying to yourself “I knew I’d never find someone to be with”, and then you walking alone in a park feeding ducks completely numb to your feelings since you had to tune them out so you could survive. The key to this step is ensuring the future scenarios resonate with you in a realistic way. You will know you are doing a good job when the negative feelings escalate. Remember, to quickly do check-ins along the way to keep yourself aware that you are intentionally going through this process. As you practice, you will learn to consciously lose yourself to the feelings.
  5. Eventually, imagine yourself on your death bed still believing in whatever it is brought you those negative emotions. Imagine yourself lying there, maybe in a hospital to make it more real, and say to yourself the belief that you held and escalated for so many ‘years’. “I’m not good enough” ; “I’ll ever live my dreams” ; “I’ll never be in love” ; “I can’t do it” ; “I hate my life” .. whatever it is that your mind started off with in step 3 and propagated through step 4.
  6. Imagine yourself ‘dying’ (symbolize this by a long breath out) and then re-awakening (sybolize this by a long breath in like Neo did after he took the pill in The Matrix). Once you re-awaken ask yourself one simple question – “Do I want to live another lifetime with this belief and in this circumstance?” If you say “Yes”, live another lifetime in your imagination again – die – re-awake and ask yourself the question. Keep doing this until you say to yourself “FUCK NO!!” Why would you want to live a whole lifetime of experiencees reinforcing a belief that makes you feel like crap? Nonsense, right!? Well now that you left that other lifetime, and you’re starting a new one, edit the belief to one that is better yet still believable. Maybe it’s “‘I’ll find a partner in a few years” or “I’ll be successful later”.
  7. Keep killing off beliefs/realities using steps 3-6 until you wind up choosing a belief and reality you are excited to experience in the physical world. Yup, now it’s just a matter of iterating through the sub-par simulations until you wind up unveiling a belief story-line that really gets you amped and excited. The beauty of this process is that even if your mind reverts back to the shitty belief, you can just go through the steps again to imagine yourself living with this doubt for a ‘lifetime’, dying, re-awakening and realizing the doubt is stupid to actually live with for another lifetime. As you get good at this you will be able to mentally shape a reality that is so resonant, as well as believable, you will actually stop thinking about it because you will become so certain of it as a truth that will manifest you will no longer need to waste conscious energy deliberating it.
  8. Enjoy the realities of your choice. I do this for all the realities I want to create and manifest and I’m constantly amazed at the signs that show up in the real-world, aligned with the reality I created in my imagination, after the mediation.

Go ahead – give it a shot! Let me know where you get stuck so I can guide you further.

Remember – this is your world. Shape it or someone else will. 


Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash


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