Going Beyond Your Thoughts

in Meditation

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Who are you?

No seriously… who are you?

Are you a soul within a bag of skin; or the skin itself?
Did you come into this world; or out of it?
Is your mission to become capable; or to experience the capability to be?

Meditation can often be perceived as this complex journey into the silence; and while at first it can be, it’s far more simpler than most people imagine. Of course, as I mentioned in my previous post, the ability to meditate eventually happens after many encounters of ‘trying’ and ‘doing’ it. So the point of this post is not to direct, instruct or guide you – but rather to give you perspective that will add to the series of ‘doings’ that will eventually lead to the ‘happening’.

Take 10 minutes, and find a quiet place to just be with yourself. It doesn’t matter where you are, the only commitment you have to make for this time is to just be with yourself (i.e. no perceived distractions).

One by one, ask yourself the questions I’ve stated above.
Allow your mind to go wherever it may/must.

You might resist the question… resist it.
It will likely hunt for the answer… let it.
You might feel an emotional reaction based on that answer, or the question itself… feel it.

Allow your mind to fight with itself. Te debate itself. To struggle until you can feel the strife.

Now pause.
Take a deep breathe.

Once calm again, ask yourself – If my mind has the ability to struggle against itself, can it really have the answer?
No matter what I chose to be ‘right’, isn’t there another option that also has to possibility to be ‘right’? How can my mind ever know what’s really ‘right’? Even if there was a really ‘right’, how can my mind, which is always vulnerable to subjective perspective, be able to see the anything objective?

What if thoughts were just energy flowing through me rather than answers coming to me? Could the thought perhaps just be a temporary, momentary experience that influences me in a certain way? If true, where is it coming from? It may be a product of my past, but then what is my past a product of? Where did it start? Where does it end? What’s beyond my thoughts? If I’m thinking, can I really get there?

As you can probably see, this series of questions is intended to create a naturally progressing, rational argument that works to invalidate thoughts in order to get to a point of ‘no thought’.

The common fallacy I’ve discovered for myself in meditation is trying to stop your thoughts. Doing that is the same thing like trying to stop a river from flowing. Sure you can build a dam, but that doesn’t stop the water’s flow… just hinders it. Even if you manage to use all the willpower inside you to resist your thoughts, it isn’t quite ‘no thought’ because you are still thinking of what needs to be done to ‘not think’.

In my journey into meditation, what has been taught to me (ironically thought meditation itself) is the idea of seeing and understanding the fallacy of thought itself. The incredible amounts of contradiction that thoughts have when we realize their indecisive, sporadic and inconclusive nature. No matter how much you think, you really are only ever thinking about other thoughts. Therefore to have a firm understanding of the nature of reality cannot be achieved through thoughts. They are a big part of the human experience, indeed, but just a part. To separate yourself as being a slave to them requires the understanding to see through them as a master. To void it’s power as a controller by seeing that it only has the capacity to control itself. But beyond it, there is something far more profound… deeper… intuitive.. energetic.

Don’t get me wrong – there are days where the idea of venturing beyond my thoughts is either incredibly disinteresting or flat out implausible… That’s OK. In that very feeling is another example of the limitation of thought, since even any change in it (via perspective) may not necessarily compel you in a new direction. There is something deeper at play… a push… a feeling… something beyond thought.

Go there… For that is where who you are truly resides.


Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash



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