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One Breath.

Take one breath. Go for it…


Welcome back. I’m going to invite you to take one more breath, but this time I want you to become aware of what you’re thinking when taking this breath.




Excellent. There’s a very good chance that the thought you had was “what am I thinking?” and depending on the length of time it took to take the breath, you may have been able to answer that question.

Alright, you’re going to take another breath and this time I want you to lengthen the breath to answer the question “what am I thinking?” If you already answered it in the last breath, I want you to focus on expanding that answer. The key here is to avoid ‘trying’ to think of something and instead just allow whatever answer is meant to come to mind. Even if by the end nothing comes to mind, that is your answer.

Ready… Set.. Go!


Booya! Let’s go further… this time when you take one breath think about how you are feeling. The same process will apply in which you will likely ask yourself “what am I feeling?” – so go ahead and ask that question at the get-go of the inhale. In this case, instead of mentally trying to think of anything (i.e. the thought of an emotion), move your awareness into your body and allow a label of an emotion to emerge naturally. Once again, it’s OK to have nothing as your answer.

Here we go…. now!


How’d it go? Were you able to allow a label for a feeling to emerge? Did you manage to also become aware of any thoughts that emerged?

Here’s where it gets interesting friends.

Every experience you have in life is a combination of thoughts and emotions. The only difference is that a breath is a lot shorter than most experiences we go through.

However, time is relative. A long experience only extends more time in relation to a shorter experience. A long experience doesn’t inherently exist. It’s subjective to how you view it in relation to other experiences.

From this logic, we can deduce that, technically, we can take any experience and condense it into the length of a breath. Make sense? Basically, all we’re doing is saying “hmm.. this experience felt longer relative to another experience, but what if it felt shorter relative to my breath?”

If you can process what I just wrote, welcome to the wonderful world of time manipulation.

Your imagination is powerful. It can allow you to re-live the thoughts and emotions of a past experience or project yourself into one that has not yet happened.

Bearing this in mind, I’m going to ask you to take another breath – this time however, I want you to ask yourself “What is bothering me?” and become aware of the thoughts and emotions that come to you. Remember not to judge the thought or the label of emotion. Whatever comes to you is correct.

Ready for it… Execute inhale/exhale sequence –> click


Alright, I truly wish I knew what happened for each of you. Very curious.
*Pssst… feel free to use the comments section below to share.

If nothing came to mind try another breath and this time slow it down and relax your body more to create more space for the answers to emerge.

Keep practicing this until you are able to really become aware of vivid thoughts and emotions related to your experiences. You don’t only have to ask yourself what’s bothering you – you can ask any question you’d like – e.g. “What is my purpose?” , “Why can’t I let go of something/someone?”

As you master condensing an experience into a breath, we will move onto an expansion of this process. In other words, imagine fitting an experience within a breath, and from there condensing numerous breaths into a breath? Or even further, numerous breaths with embedded breaths into the blink of an eye? Yup, you’ve guessed correctly – this was basically the whole premise of inception and I’m going to do my best to teach it to you.

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Let’s do this.


Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash



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