Why You Keep Getting What You Don’t Want

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As I pour myself into the creation and development of VO Meditation, my engineering mind constantly pushes me to look for gaps in my discovery in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of it.

While challenging in all respects, the results tend to be magical.
// Incredible insights flowing down to me a mile a minute.

Recently, I received some guidance on understanding why we so often get what we don’t want.

Let’s explore ^^

If you think of life as a giant, infinite, flip-book which contains every single possible reality you could possibly live in, then we can consider the very moment you are currently in as a part of a flip-book in which you’ve slowed down the speed of flipping through the pages. In other words, the reality you currently exist in is a part of the flip-book you’ve slowed down enough to experience in physical reality. Your belief system aligns so closely to this reality, it shows up right in front of you.

The problem is we have been duped into believing the operation of this flip-book is beyond our control.
We look at our circumstances and environment and blame it for being responsible for giving us a reality we don’t want.

We feel stuck in this reality.
It becomes even harder to see it any other way the bleaker this reality is.
We feel defeated.
We crave an exit.
A new reality.

What we struggle to realize is that the reality is showing up because we have unconsciously created it.

It is a product of our imagination.
Our incessant thought process of aligned with this given reality.
A laser-like focus on what we don’t want.

However, as we build our self-awareness and begin to see we can take conscious ownership over this reality, we begin to truly understand the power we have.

As Will Smith one said powerfully in a YouTube video I came across,

“Make a choice, like you just decide, what its gonna be, who you’re gonna be, how your gonna do it. Just decide. And then from that point, the Universe is gonna get out your way, its like, its water, it wants to move and go around stuff.”

And it applies both ways.

When you focus on what you don’t want. Decide that’s the only reality you could live in. Give yourself all the reason why it has to exist. The Universe is going to flow your physical experience right towards that very reality.

However, when you become aware enough that you have the ability to dictate this direction. When you take time to define and meditate on what you truly want. When you look for signs and connections that can help you logically rationalize the creation of what you do want. And when you gradually let go of how this reality is going to manifest for you. The Universe too will flow your physical reality towards this vision.

It’s up to you.

The reality you choose to live in, is the one you are currently living in.

If you want something different, change the focus from what you don’t want to to what you do.
Define the future differently than what you’ve always come to expect.
Give yourself permission to be a magician.
Break the bonds the society has burdened you with for so long.
Trust you weren’t just here to survive through a shitty ride, but rather designed to create the ride you’ve always imagined. Literally.

Get a sheet of paper and write down “I am grateful that I live in a reality which..” and write down exactly the reality you choose to be in despite your given environment and circumstances. Stare at it every day. Put on whatever music inspires you and feel in your imagination as if you are there. If you mind pushes you to figure out how, look for signs, however little, that can make you believe the Universe is leading you there.

Do this each and every day until one day you realize everything you’ve written down is exactly where you are.

Then… well, then… put your hands together, take a knee, and give gratitude for the realization of who you truly are.
The Universe itself.


Photo by Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash


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