How to Learn at a Subatomic Level

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Here we go. It’s time to go really deep into the power of the mind.

A couple of things to note beforehand.

First, we’re about to embark into some very ‘advanced’ personal development. I use the word ‘advanced’ in the sense that what we’re about to work on is quite complex. It’s going to challenge you to think in ways you’ve never thought before. It’s going to require an element of faith when exploring the concepts. You will likely not see/feel results right away; however, if you absorb the info to the best of your ability your subconscious will also work at bringing it to be. As a reminder, this won’t be for everyone – but if your gut tells you to keep going just remember your ‘job’ is literally to read these posts and really contemplate and meditate on the concepts provided. Ask questions too!

Secondly, I’m receiving a lot of information these days and am continuously downloading as much as I can. A lot of what I receive I’m able to process quickly for myself based on my current understanding and heightened level of awareness. The problem for me right now is trying to use our limited english language to express what I’m experiencing. Please be patient with me and I apologize in advance if anything comes across as confusing. The biggest thing you can do to help me is let me know what does not make sense so I can re-visit the content and try to shape it in a new way.

And now for our feature presentation…

In the movie Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise plays a character that keeps dying and waking up in a moment from the past. At the beginning all we see is him waking up and being confused as to where he is. Following his first death, he wakes up really confused to be in the exact same place he originally woke up. At first he’s freaking out, but as the cycles go on, he begins to figure out how to avoid things that caused him to die before. People look at him and are in awe of his ability to read the future, but really the only reason he can read the future is because he already experienced it in the past.

I loved the movie, but at the time of watching it was just interesting entertainment. Now it is a big resource in helping explain the concept of Subatomic Learning to you.

I define Subatomic Learning as the ability to learn at a level of consciousness that is beyond time and space. In other words, it’s learning without necessarily having to experience the lesson within the confines of time and space. This might sound ‘inception’ and ‘osmosis’ like and that’s because it is lol

First, let’s discuss the idea of learning more. When you learned to ride a bike as a kid what were you really doing? You were using experience to build knowledge in order to create skill, right? As we evolved, we realized that experiencing everything in real-time takes really long, and explored the idea of building knowledge and thus creating skill without having to fully go through the experience. In that exploration we came to  realize we could capture a lengthy experience in condensed formats such as a book, movie or song. All we’re doing now is challenging ourselves too explore the idea of gaining experience to build knowledge to create skill in an even shorter amount of time. In the case of my work, the idea of using the mind – particularly one’s imagination.

You see, if we break down the idea of experience, we will come to see it is as described in my last post – a mixture of thoughts and feelings in relation to a given circumstance. Taking this definition a bit further we can say it really is just a sensation. An experience creates a sensation.

Going back to the Tom Cruise movie, each experience he went through before dying created a sensation. In the next life, his awareness of this sensation allowed him to operate differently than before. Similarly, when we read a book, watch a movie, or listen to a song about someone’s experience it creates a sensation that allows us to navigate our life differently because of it. For example, say you wanted to start a business. You could certainly go through the experiences without any prior exposure to other people’s experiences, but imagine how different it would be if you read about someone’s experience before? You’d probably make different choices based on the information you’ve absorbed.

Alright, now that we’ve got a firm grasp of learning, let’s move into the idea of doing it at a subatomic level.

If we think of subatomic based on science we view it as something that exists within an atom. With that in mind, what we’re going to do is picture yourself as an atom and work on the concept of learning within the atom… i.e. within yourself. In your mind.

How? Good question lol

Well first, I encourage you to go through the exercise outlined in my last post. What I want you to take away from it is the idea that time is relative to how we view it, meaning something that takes a certain amount of time can be condensed to happen faster. It’s like how a book can condense information that would have taken much longer to gain initially.

Now – if time is relative; experiences can be condensed; and experiences are sensations… let’s combine all three together to create a basic process for Subatomic Learning:

  1. Using your mind, imagine an experience
  2. Feel the sensation of that experience
  3. Condense sensations/experience within less time

An analogy I like to use for this process is a picture flip-book. A flip-book contains numerous images that are ever so slightly different, that when flipped through they give the illusion of movement.

Your mind has the incredible ability to not only visualize a past or future experience, but to also project itself as living within that image. In other words, it can choose any page of an infinite flip-book and view as if it were really where you are. We call this capability our imagination.

What we’re doing in this process is using our imagination to go to whatever page of the flip-book we want, be as if we were there, and feel any experience/sensation while also allowing ourselves to become aware of that experience/sensation. Once we are aware of it, we can then start to associate that experience/sensation with something that takes less time.

A good exercise to practice is as follows:

What you’ve actually done in this experience is condensed the experience/sensation from the time it would take to read 5 words to to time it would take to read one word!

Work with that for now and later we’ll talk more about different practical, real-world uses of this concept that can improve your life in all sorts of ways.

Once again, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash



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