What is something you WOULD NOT do for someone you considered family?

You’re likely struggling to think of an answer, right?

We would do almost anything for family. If that is the case, why do so many companies fail to turn their workforce into one?

Instead of spending money trying to make employees ‘happy’, it’s time to focus on making them a family. To create an unshakeable relationship in which people feel like they belong, are cared for and are part of something that is an extension of themselves.

That is why at Cool Connections we create live, in-person events for organizations, that break down the barriers between colleagues and build up the fundamentals of what makes them cosider each other family. We customize each experience to fit the company culture and ensure everyone feels welcome.

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Why do different generations struggle to get along?

Think of the last time you went travelling to a destination that had a very different culture than the one you are used to. Perhaps people there drove on the other side of the rode, spoke with a funny accent and maybe even ate food you never imagined could be food!

This situation easily explains the generational gap that exists today.

Every generation has grown up in an environment that was unique to that generation. The greater the differences in environment, the more ‘culture shock’ one experiences. Following the law of inertia, this drastic change can be very daunting and cause us to defend our side/POV in an efforts to keep the environment that one can navigate more easily.

The biggest inter-generation problem that exists right now is two-fold.

1) People are competing to see which generation is right/better instead of looking for ways to expand each other’s perspectives.

2) Organizations are trying to fix the problem with ‘stuff’ (i.e. foosball tables, open-concept office, etc.) when the real solution lies in gaining understanding, building empathy and then changing perspectives.

As a consultant in this space I’ve had the good fortune to work with over 120 CEO’s, and numerous organizations, in guiding them through this mental shift.

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