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Although the world of personal and professional development has been a lifelong passion, my ‘career’ has been blooming in it since 2012. Starting off with a focus on motivating youth in schools, my mission has now grown and evolved into various organizations and companies. I am hired predominantly for my experience and expertise in the area of ‘shifting mindsets’ and ‘changing perspectives’.

For example, I was once brought in to talk to career councillors who were struggling to motivated and empower of career-seekers that could not find jobs. During this talk (like many others) I shared my understanding and research into perspectives and armed them with numerous tools and strategies they could leverage to influence their client’s perspectives in a positive way.

1-on-1 coaching is another big aspect of the work I do. I work internally with companies, and sometimes individuals independently, to help them gain perspective on their challenges, and learn how to shift them in a way that increases productivity and performance.

When it comes to consulting, take for example an organization, which caters to CEO development, who utilizes me to educate company heads on why the younger generation is the way it is, and how to interact and influence them in an efficient and effective way. As you can imagine, this work too focuses on understanding perspectives and how to shape them. What’s unique about this issue is that it involves the CEO changing their perspectives, as much as it involves changing the perspectives of Millennials. It can be challenging to change one’s self, but the more aware you become and the more strategies you gain, the easier the process feels.

Training is an extension of both coaching and consulting. It usually takes place with groups and is focused on a specific challenge that we work through together. I often customize workshops based on the topic, type of audience and time available. It is action packed with lots of insightful information complemented with tangible, practical exercises.

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Emceeing & Event Coordination


Why do you go to a concert when you can just stream the same music online?
Why do you go to a sports game instead of just watching it on TV?

If you’re like me, there’s an incredible energy that exists at a concert/game that you can’t get from the stereo or TV.

What I love most about events is this unique energy that can create wonders in one’s life. It can drastically change our mood and inspire ideas that can alter the course of our lives. It can make us feel like we belong in a world that’s become so isolated and lonely.

As an Emcee and Event Coordinator I am responsible for ensuring people receive this type of energy when they are at an event. What’s cool about this mix in roles is that they give me a very holistic view of the industry. I am able to see what it’s like behind the scenes, as well as what it feels like to be in the spotlight.

My experience varies a wide spectrum; however, my most notable moments were Emceeing National and Provincial tours for CIBC during the 2014 World Cup and 2015 Pan Am Games.





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