Unwrapping the Gift of Presence

in Personal Development

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I promised myself to never use a cheesy headline… clearly I have my weaknesses.

Corny sayings like this remind me of my nephew Kyle. At 3 years-old, he’s my perfect testing ground for all the cheese-tastic jokes that are brewing inside me. Over time though, I’ve noticed something quite peculiar – sometimes the joke passes the test, and other times the same one crashes and burns.

The more I thought about Kyle’s ‘ability’ to treat the same joke as a new joke every time he hears it, the more I’ve learned about the concept of presence. Kyle, like many kids, always seems to operate in the present moment. That’s not to say he doesn’t comprehend the idea of a past and future, but rather his expression of both is always here and now.

Instead of boring you (and confusing myself) with a ramble of words trying to describe what he’s taught me about presence, let’s break down into a good ol’ Christmas List…





Photo by Jess Watters on Unsplash



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