VO Meditation – Looking for test participants

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Wow… What can I say.

Thank you just doesn’t cut it for each and every one of you that followed along with my articles since Dec 15.

Every day since, I consecutively expressed whatever was resonating most inside me, as I unknowingly made my way from dusk to dawn of the biggest phase in my personal development. Whether you read one or all of my articles, I am deeply grateful for you taking the time out of your busy schedule to bear witness to my experience. I am appreciate all of you and promise to extend all your support through my work.

As you can probably tell, meditation has become my medicine. As I went deeper, the engineer in me watched as I underwent the transformational process, monitored patterns, stitched them together and vividly asked me to give birth to the VO Meditation Model.


Before training others on how to conduct the new meditation process, I’m currently testing and refining the process. If you’d like to be a trial participant, please fill in the form below or click here.

Bear in mind that I work off the timeline of flow, meaning I will reach out when compelled to do so.

Together let’s raise the vibration.

Eternally grateful,



Photo by Amanda Flavell on Unsplash

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